Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mother's Day

As you're most likely aware (thanks Hallmark), Mother's Day is next Sunday. I'm on the fence about this "holiday".

Yes, I'm a mom (and a relatively new one, at that). 2 years ago, even though I was less then 3 weeks away from giving birth, I refused to accept/acknowledge Mother's Day for myself. In my mind, I wasn't a mom....yet. Last year? I was more into the holiday, but still not 100% on board for it.

I am not my husband's mother so the belief that he should buy me something (from him), is weird. I appreciate him buying me a gift "from" Paige, and I've done that for Marc the past 2 years and will continue to do so, but the idea of flowers, cards, and big/expensive gifts? No thank you.

I feel the same way about anniversaries. My in-laws have bought us a card and gift for our wedding anniversaries and they expect the same from their kids. My husband doesn't like this idea because his thought is that it's not his day, it's theirs. I feel the same way. It's weird for me to accept an anniversary gift from someone other than my husband. And, by the same token, it's weird for me to accept a Mother's Day gift from someone other than my child.

Am I alone in these feelings or do you expect your husband to get you a gift because you gave birth to his child(ren)?

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