Monday, May 7, 2012

Let's Talk Birthdays

You guys?

My kid turns 2 in 3 weeks and 1 day....not that I'm counting or anything.

I've been working with some fantastic people to make Paige's party special. Shannon from Sweet Stella's, Jenni from 9Designs, and Jill from lil shabebe have all been absolutely amazing and fantastic to work with.

Back in January or December, I began to brainstorm ideas. I had it narrowed down to:
Under the Sea theme
   Marc had recently converted his 75 gallon tank to a saltwater tank and Paige LOVED the fishies. She helps Marc feed them at night, and she loves to watch them.
- Minions/Despicable Me
   My kid LOVES this movie. LOVES. It's become that movie that we hide so we don't have to watch it...but of course Paige finds the DVD anyways.

After talking to Marc and playing on Pinterest, we decided on an Under the Sea theme...what better way to kick off summer?

My first stop was Shannon. She made Paige's banner for her 1st birthday and we received so many compliments, she was the first stop!

This time, instead of just a banner, we went a little more creative. Shannon's created sea creature centerpieces, seaweed and fish/bubble garland, and a birthday banner!

Centerpieces - each one on it's own stick. Probably will line the driveway

Bubble/Fish garland...look at the blue glitter to give it that extra touch!

Seaweed garland...LOVE the detail Shannon added!

So, with a theme and decor finalized, it was Jenni's turn to help us out!

Give her party details and theme (I actually emailed her some of the pictures of the decor to help) and she creates this beauty that family and friends are getting soon!

Last year, I got Paige a personalized birthday shirt to match the theme of her 1st party

Perfection, right?

Well, here's this year's shirt:

Just the software design, but it's exactly what I was looking for!

I loved planning Paige's 1st birthday, because it seemed so special at that time. But her 2nd birthday, it's special in it's own right. There will be more kids, she'll have an idea of what's going on (she'll be into more things) and it's yet another year we get to celebrate!

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