Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Today, Censie from Building Our Story posted this story on Facebook.

Go ahead, read it again to let it sink in.

Yes, that's right. If you formula feed your baby, your baby will be uglier than breastfed babies.

Annoyed? I am.

I tried to breastfeed Paige. I truly did. I had my heart set on breastfeeding - so much so that we didn't have bottles or formula in the house (minus what samples came with us from the hospital). It never occurred to me that I wouldn't have been able to. And it wasn't all my fault - the lactation consultant at the hospital and her doctor told me that Paige's mouth was too small to properly latch.

I pumped for about 4 months (supplementing with formula) but it was extremely difficult. I was producing small amounts and taking precious time away from Paige. I know how to trick your body into producing more, but my sanity was at risk. Seriously.

After reading that article, I'm annoyed. And kinda pissed off. I think my daughter's beautiful. I think she's smart. Paige already has the genes for severe acne (something hubbs and his brother suffered from). I was breastfed and needed braces for YEARS. We let Paige dictate the bottle consumption. If she was done at 4 ounces and we made 5, we didn't shove it down her throat.

This article really struck a nerve. I've conquered my PPD, of which not breastfeeding was a huge part of, but I still have pangs of guilt that I wasn't able to breastfeed my daughter like I had wanted to. And reading articles like this always brings it up.


  1. I had almost the same experience as you. Expected to breastfeed, it didn't happen for a number of reasons and then I pumped (with little results) for months. Over 17 mths. later I still find myself dealing with the guilt and disappointment (I actually recently wrote this post about it: http://briana2255.blogspot.com/2012/04/breastfeeding-judgement.html) Anyways, I find that article totally absurd and very offensive!! My little guy is the cutest thing ever!! And Paige is adorable!!

    1. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one! It was so hard being a new mom and then having all the judgement about not being able to breastfeeding (or having family uncomfortable with breastfeeding).

      Your little guy is adorable!

  2. strikes a nerve with me too. i dont understand why studies like this need to be done. who cares, motherhood already is enough of a competition. 2 years from now, no one is going to give a rat's ass how your kid was asked and the only way someone will know is if you volunteered the information.
    also karina is much cuter than any breastfed baby i've ever seen. No. I'm not biased.

  3. It struck a chord with me too - a PPD mama who pumped for 6weeks and lost her mind. Sometimes, bfing just isnt worth it - not when mom's sanity is at stake. Everyone has their own opinion, their own take on it, and their own journey. Mine was that I had to fight for my sanity, and giving up the 4am pumping, the little dribbles that I got and the intense sense of failure that came along with it...it just was not worth it.

    oh...and Paige is adorbs. so the article can go eff itself

  4. As a fully grown woman who wasn't breastfed as a child I can tell you I am very beautiful, highly intelligent, very close with my mom and the antithesis of many of the breastfeed or else myths. ::hugs::

  5. Please!! I tried to breast feed as well and my daughter didn't take to it then when I suggest to the lactation nurse about doing both breast and formula I had to throw her out my hospital room because she was not having it... so i did my best but at the end I did formula with my second daughter I knew I had to go back to work sooner because my husband was out of work so... I did formula from the get! I mean and my kids dare I say it.... BEAUTIFUL!...I understand the benefits of breastfeeding but I think as mothers and as woman we should respect each other decisions!

  6. I was an exclusive breastfeeder and I think this article is complete BS. I honestly think it makes zero difference. Feed your babies. That was should be the rule!

  7. Recently there has been so much bfing vs. formula bs in the news! It gets hard to hear. Lets respect one another as mothers!