Friday, April 20, 2012

Road to BlogHer| Week Something?

Welcome to my life.

I start something with every intent of sharing every week and then I forget....yep.

So I'm still off Medifast. Things have been crazy hectic here and I know I need to get back onto the plan to get myself back on track to losing weight, but I've been doing other things to help myself.

I'm back to 3+ liters of water every day and I significantly cut my soda intake. I know the soda needs to go, I just can't give it up (yet).

I'm writing, writing, writing. Everything that goes in my body gets written down. I'm also paying alot more attention to serving sizes and making sure I stay to those guidelines instead of eating until I'm full.

I signed up for the BlogHer5K in NYC in August. WTF?!

I bought a jogging stroller from a friend and have been doing little walks around the neighborhood with Paige. It's nothing impressive because I'm not at the point where I can jog yet but it's better than nothing. However, after about a mile, Paige wants OUT. I'm using MapMyRun on my phone to log my workouts. If I walk around the circle and then down to the park (and back), it's about 1.3 miles. Yesterday I walked to the park, let Paige run around and play, then walked back. I'm hoping to obviously increase my speed and distance but as I keep reminding myself...atleast I'm out and doing it.

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