Saturday, March 24, 2012

SWH4TM: Look to the Club

I'm linking up with Shannon and Shannon for She Works Hard For The Money!

We're sharing money saving tips with you to help stretch that dollar further (or spend nothing at all)!

We live 6ish miles away from BJ's - it's a club warehouse similar to Costco, Sam's Club, etc. They have Berkley & Jensen which is their house brand. While there last week, I found a box of their diapers in Paige's size - 140 in the box for $22.99. Pampers, which is our go-to brand since the hospital is a box of 118 for $32.99, or something similar to that.

We also purchase bulk meats, paper towels, toilet paper and other things where purchasing in bulk makes sense (not fruits and veggies because we don't go through them fast enough). The cost can be expensive - a 1 year membership cost $50 but I feel that it pays for itself in the savings of buying things in bulk!

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