Monday, February 27, 2012

My "First" Family

I realized the other day that I've never really written about life before being Mrs. and Mama.

I guess I never thought it was a big deal until the other day. Yes, this part will sound cliched. How I was raised, who my parents are, and my siblings are the reason I am the way I am today. See? Cliche!

So, let's introduce to the Cs!

Here are Mom and Dad C. Kinda cooky, a bit crazy, but 100% my parents.

Obviously there are my parents, that's my sister, Amanda and my YOUNGER BROTHER, Nick.

I am the oldest of 4. My brother is 11 months and 10 days younger than me. We were both born in 1985 and are considered Irish Twins. Amanda is about a year and 8 months younger then Nick, and Bryanna (not pictured) is a year and 2 weeks younger than Amanda.

Yes. That is 4 kids in about 3 years and 8 months. 
And we all wonder why my dad lost all his hair...
just kidding, Dad! Love ya!
Seriously tho.

I wasn't a cool kid. I wasn't a jock, or into theater/drama/music. I didn't mess around playing D&D or Magic. I really didn't fit in anywhere.
 I played JV and Varsity basketball my Freshman year (the only "Swinger" that year) at a private Catholic school I attended. I transferred my Sophomore year to the public high school where I did JV for one year and then Varsity for my last two.

I originally wanted to be a Radio DJ. I did several projects on it, even got to know the guys at the local radio station (one of whom DJ'd our wedding). I will admit to being the NSYNC girl and doing reports on the station's morning show. I will also come clean that I saw NSYNC as my first, second, and third concerts.

There's much more to come, I promise. But that NYNC obsession revelation is enough for me for now ;)

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