Thursday, January 5, 2012

Random Thought Thursday

The past few weeks always seem to be crazy in terms of having to deal with stores and customer service stuff. I  work in customer service so for me, a good customer experience always needs to be recognized (you hardly ever hear of it!)

I just wanted to share a few things that happened this week and the AMAZING customer service I've received.

I don't know how other families do their stockings, but hubbs' family always puts hygienic items (shampoo, razors, toothbrush, shaving cream, etc). I gave hubbs a list of what I wanted (I'm VERY picky about my bath stuff), but I wrote down the wrong type of blades to grab. I am a Gillette girl all the way - I wrote down the Venus Breeze instead of the Venus Embrace. I couldn't be mad - I'm the one who made the mistake so I didn't return them, like I originally wanted too.

Well, a few days into using the Venus Breeze, I was shocked at horrible of a shave I was getting. I was on day #2 or #3 of this blade and it left an awful stubble on my was like shaving with weeks old generic blades.

I logged onto the Gillette website just to say that I wasn't a fan of my experience with the blade. Totally didn't expect anything in return. A day after I submitted the form to them, I received an email back saying that they strive for excellence and were sorry to hear about my experience. They were mailing me a package so they could take a look at the blades to see if there was a defect in the product AND they were also sending me a coupon for a free set of any Gillette blades I wanted.

I was blown away.

The next day, I remembered that we had a Plum District voucher for $30 to I had been meaning to use it for a diaper bag, but realized we'd be in need of diapers so I logged on to Plum District to grab my code only to realize that the $30 expired back in October (it was still good for $15, which is what we paid for it).

I put the diapers in my cart but when I tried to enter the code, it told me it had already been used! Even though it was New Year's Eve, I figured it was worth a shot to call 1-800 number...and I got the sweetest person, Amber, on the phone. She was very happy-go-lucky and so quick to help! She reset the voucher for me and even put it back to the $30 amount (because she wanted to start the new year off right!) (Also, I ordered the diapers on New Year's Eve at about 8 PM - they were delivered on Wednesday, January 4th...super fast!)

These two GREAT customer service experiences helped put a bright smile on my face. Do me a favor, if you experience some excellent customer service, please make sure to share it - ask for their supervisor or mention it on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Praise goes a long way :)

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