Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Medifast: Days 4-9

So I have been using Medifast for 6 days now...and I fell off the train already.

I am currently doing 3 Medifast meals, 2 "other" snacks and one Lean & Green meal/day. I do GREAT with eating my meals and drinking my water when I'm at work. But this weekend? Well, this weekend was NOT successful.

On Saturday my friend, Karen, and her son, Will, came for a visit. We decided to bring the kiddos to the mall - it wouldn't be too crazy, plus it's free to window shop! We first grabbed lunch at Pizza Hut. I did order water as my drink (which is a HUGE step for me because i'm a multi-sodas a day type of gal). I also limited what I ate to a satisfied feeling, instead of being stuffed. Thankfully, we walked around the mall at a decent clip and also chased the kiddos around the mall "playground" which helped burn off some of those calories consumed.

Sunday? Well, Sunday went a bit better. We went up to my parents' house to celebrate my birthday. They grilled kabobs (which were delicious) but then we had ice cream cake. And not just any ice cream cake - Carvel ice cream cake. Crunchies and all. That's a weakness.

I did have some (it's my birthday, I had to celebrate) but declined bringing the left over home with much as I wanted to!

Now that I've been back at work, I'm back on track eating my meals, hitting my water goals. I have a few more days left of my Medifast winnings and I'm torn about keeping up with it (it's a big up-front cost) or switching to something like Special K which I can split up the cost over a few grocery trips.

The good news is that my hubby says it looks like I lost a few pounds :) Which reminds we really need to buy a scale.

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  1. Get that scale, mama! :) I think it's good you let yourself have some sweets. If you cut out everything, you will cave even worse. I do that all the time!