Monday, November 21, 2011

Are you ready?

Thanksgiving and Black Friday is this week. Hard to believe that here in NH we had a blizzard with 20+ inches of snow before Halloween and now there's barely any left.

If you're like a ton of people I know, you've planned out your gift list and perhaps even coming up with a game plan for the Black Friday deals!

I doubt I'll be hitting Black Friday deals - there just isn't anything catching my eye. Plus, I'm not quite insane enough to deal with the crowds. I did it once and I'm all set.

However, we have decided on what we're buying Paige for Christmas gifts.

Maybe not this specific art easel, but one like it. She loves to draw and paint. We have bought her bath art supplies and our bath tub hasn't looked the same since!

Once again, maybe not this specific kitchen set. But Paige loves to play with our measuring cups and watch us do the dishes/cook. What better way to help her be like us by giving her her own kitchen?

Those are the big gifts we're getting here. We'll most likely get supplies to go with the toys (paper, crayons, kitchen accessories, etc). We are getting Paige a custom made board book from Sweet Stella's. Shannon is putting together a story featuring Paige's grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins and there's a spot for us to put pictures in.

I'm hoping the husband and I can go out this weekend and get some of our shopping done. We'll just have to find a baby sitter for Paige. (there's a bigger motive - I'm hoping to drag the hubbs off to see Breaking Dawn. I went with my BFF to the midnight premiere, however we got stuck in the very front row, which is not a good view to see a movie in so I'd like to see it again to actually SEE the movie).


Head over to the wonderful Baby Shmizz where there is a Sweet Stella's giveaway going on NOW!

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