Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Workin' It Wednesday

So this week hasn't been a good week. I think it's been the anticipation of this week that's undoing me.
I told myself I'd do my 30 Day Shred. I didn't.
I told myself to get back on track with writing down my food. I didn't.
I told myself I'd up my intake of water. I sorta did.

However, I want to concentrate on what I did do. I limited my sweets. I cut back on the energy drinks/coffee. I only ate when I was hungry after drinking something first. I also entered Kelly from The Turnip Farmer's Medifast giveaway...and I won! With that awesome win, I get to try 21 Medifast meals. **In case you haven't heard about Medifast, check out Jenni, Kelly and Stephanie. They all have lost AMAZING amounts of weight using Medifast. And I've followed their journey since they begun...inspiring!!**

So, soon I will get to try a week of Medifast - 3 Medifast meals a day, 2 100-calorie snacks a day, and a Lean and Green meal. Hopefully I will see some great success with that first week of Medifast :)

I cannot commit to stick to something with the thought of tomorrow - gravy, homemade stuffing, turkey, biscuits...oh the desserts! So next week, I WILL start my 30 Day Shred. I WILL write down what I eat. I WILL up my intake of water.

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