Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We've made it 2+ years...

We've been very lucky being first-time parents. Paige has only been sick a handful of times (1 ear infection last July) and over 2+ tears of being vomit-free.

That streak was broken with a vengeance on Monday.

Marc heard Paige crying about 4:45 AM and went in to check on her. She was standing up, asking for "Mommy" (that's new, btw. I'm usually Momma). He brought her to me in bed and said, "I think she threw up, she smells like vomit." Turn on the light to see her poor little face covered :(

We ended up at Urgent Care that night - her fever spiked to 103.9 after Tylenol and she hadn't drank or eaten anything all day. They ruled out pneumonia, UTI, and strep but the staff did let us know that Hand, Foot, Mouth is going around so to be on the look out for the blisters/sores that indicate that.

I'm so appreciative of the staff there. They were all moms of young kids like Paige and were super friendly and didn't seem rushed at all. The doctor even called me on Tuesday to make sure Paige was OK and to let me know that she was working that evening so we could call her or come see her if we had any questions!

We got home pretty late Monday night and Paige had perked up just a bit. Marc had an extra long work day so we let Paige stay up and get some Daddy cuddles and Tangled in. 

So far, so good in that we haven't seen any blisters/red bumps to indicate Hand, Foot, Mouth. I definitely do not enjoy sick kids (although having your toddler cuddle with you is pretty much the best thing ever. Here's hoping we can make it 2+ years before experiencing it again!

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  1. Poor girl! Glad she is feeling a little better though.