Saturday, July 28, 2012


Since BlogHer12 is LESS THEN A WEEK AWAY I wanted to introduce myself to everyone who is going!

You can read about the general stuff on my "What's In A Name" page so I'll give you....

19 Random Facts About Myself:

-Shaun is my real name, I swear. I'll even show you my driver's license

-I bleached my hair blonde in college. I looked like I belonged in a trailer park. And no, I'm not showing you pictures

- I'm the oldest of 4: 1 younger brother, 2 younger sisters. My brother and I are Irish twins (both born in 1985)

-I currently own my 3rd Saturn

-I hate automatic transmissions. All 3 of my Saturns have been manuals

-Italy, Australia, and Greece are on my Absolutely Positively Must Visit list

-I'm a die-hard Celtics fan who doesn't mind the Lakers and cannot stand the Heat...specifically LBJ

-I can be a mouthy drunk

-I have 2 different sets of toes

-I don't watch Housewives, Dance Moms, Bachelor/Bachelorette, or any other shows like that

-I am love The Office, Community, and reality shows like Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, AGT

-I cannot draw to save my life

-I don't wear heels and am currently rocking a flip-flop tan

-Yes, I will be wearing flip-flops in NYC

-I have 6 tattoos

-I've fouled out of too many basketball games to count.

-I used to have my belly button, nose, and upper ear (Industrial) pierced.

-NSYNC is the best boy band ever.

-I place ALOT of value on numbers - my birthday falls on 1/2 and 3 months later, on 4/5, we celebrate Marc's *he is older though* All of our important days - dating anniversary, wedding anniversary, and Paige's birthday all fall at the end of the month - 25th, 26th, and 29th

I am so very excited to be heading to NYC for the first time ever and meeting the roomies, Shannon and Mel for the first well as seeing Shannon again! I'll also get to meet Jenni, Steph, Kelly, Steph and so many many more bloggers.

If you're going to BlogHer (or ever been to NYC) recommend your favorite place to eat and visit! Link up your blog in my comments so I can swing by and say hi :)


  1. Love your blog design Shaun! I hope I see you at Blogher!

  2. love this post :) Very creative and insight full :)

  3. I might be rocking the flip flops too....maybe....I really need to start packing!! LOL

  4. Once, in middle school when my dad was the coach, I fouled out of a game and he got kicked out after 2 T's. Its middle school bball for chrissake, what were we thinking?!?

  5. Fun post! Looking forward to BlogHer'12! My first conference and I am a new blogger. Just winging it and planning on fun. While in NY try and eat some New York food. Love deli's (like Carnegie) for pastrami and knishes, pizza etc. Safe travel!!

  6. Great to meet you Shaun. I am sporting a flip flop tan myself. I just learnt was an Irish Twin was and I too hate everything Housewives, Karadashian and the list goes on.

  7. Lovely to meet you! I did not make it to Blogher... can't wait to hear about it!

  8. Wow, really behind the power curve...guessing you guys met at the Connecgted meeting that I missed cuz i was outta town...and I am going to have to look up Blogher and Irish twins! Very interesting in a "getting schooled" kinda way : /