Monday, July 30, 2012

Customer Service? What's that?

I'm just so irritated and upset that I need to share this with you.

Last Friday, I went to Ulta for an eyebrow wax. If there's one thing I treat myself to, it's a nice eyebrow wax. With BlogHer12 coming (and my Italian heritage/dark hair) I wanted the hairy caterpillars gone ;)

I walked into Ulta and was checked in by a stylist who was attending another customer while the waxer was busy talking. My waxer was wicked pleasant and did her job efficiently, or so I thought. Before I looked in the mirror to check her work, she had applied brow liner and concealer to hide the redness. I questioned one spot but was told it was just the shadow. I paid and headed about the rest of my day.

When I got home and washed my face, I was sad. I had just paid $20 for my eyebrows to be waxed and I was left with hairs all over the place and one spot entirely missed (the spot that I was told was just a shadow). I emailed Ulta Sunday morning because we were running around like crazy on Saturday. I never received a response to my email. I called on Thursday or Friday and was told I would receive a call from the district manager

I still haven't received a call so I called their 1-800 number back. At this point, they're emailing the DM AGAIN and will have that person call me. I don't have a name or number for the DM.

I am above and beyond irritated. This is an absolutely horrific customer service experience in my book and I will not be back to their store/salon. I will gladly travel the extra 20-30 minutes to go to Sephora in one of the other malls.

Hopefully I will have an updated post sooner rather then later for you lovely readers, but I do not have high hopes.

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  1. Poor customer service is unexcusable! I hope you get this all straightened out!