Wednesday, July 11, 2012

BlogHer{at}BlogHer12: Countdown/Meet the Roomies

This is one of the LAST Blogger{at}BlogHer12 link-ups I'll be doing. I have 2 more planned - one for my outfits for some parties and I've got a few ideas rolling around for the last one, right before BlogHer12!

If you're new to my link-ups, they're easy! Link up your post (not blog, please) about BlogHer to here, grab the button and enjoy reading/meeting some of the awesome bloggers here!


New York City is a few short weeks away. So hard to believe that something I've talked about for 6 months is here. It's almost kinda like "It's my wedding day" feeling ;)

I have to give some love to my awesome roomies, who are responsible for my first ever trip to NYC.

Mel - Never A Dull Moment

Mel is the almost 30something blogger behind Never A Dull Moment. She and her husband are parents to the adorable Lexie. On her blog you'll find adorable pictures, a Pinterest addict, and Mel's documenting her weight loss.

Shannon - Baby Shmizz

Shannon (Shizz) is the MILF to hubby, Mike, and mom to my future son in-law, Jack. She rocks a Massachusetts accent and is a Red Sox fan (which will be the reason why the two of us get thrown into jail in NYC). Her blog features Jack, product reviews/giveaways, and awesome DIY crafts for toddlers.

Shannon - Sweet Stella's

Y'all must know Shannon (or Shannon North or Canada as she can be called when discussing things with the roomies). She's Sweet Stella's, one of my BlogHer12 sponsors and creative mind behind the Etsy shop. She's also mom to the precious Owen. You'll find tons of DIY tips, features on her work/shop.



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