Friday, July 6, 2012

BlogHer12: Sweet Stella's

You must know Shannon from Sweet Stella's. I've talked about her creativity and her amazing help with decorating our home for Paige's parties (and decorating our Christmas tree, making an awesome door sign, and a special book for our Peanut).

I'm lucky enough to call her a BlogHer12 sponsor! She has been so amazing in reading pitches, providing contacts, and just being a huge cheerleader/support person. How did I get this lucky?

Thanks to Shannon, I'll be rocking the blue and orange of my blog at BlogHer in a beautiful hair clip (hello Sparklecorn) and with my journal

Sweet Stella's came to light while Shannon was battling PPD after the birth of her (handsome) son, Owen. This creative outlet, a perfect fit for Shannon who graduated from college with her degree in Fine Arts. Her work has been in the hands of numerous celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ashley Greene, Rachel Zoe, and so many more.

Shannon is a huge fan of custom orders and helping add those personal touches to your party or decor. She currently has a great coupon for 20% off your order with Blogher12 AND she's offering free delivery to NYC during BlogHer!

Check out her out, (buy something cute!), and tell her I sent you ;)





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