Monday, June 4, 2012

A birthday party.

Sunday was Paige's 2nd birthday party.

The weather kinda sucked and was on the verge of being cold. Saturday was a rain soaked day so I'm glad the rain held off (30ish people in my apartment would have been tight....)

Paige had a blast. Her took a bit to warm up but once she had a few friends over and we got to bring up a bunch of toys. And, of course....she got spoiled!

Checking out the garland that Shannon made!

Ripping open a card...she was in a rush to get to her presents!

Gramma and Grampa (my parents) got her a TRAMPOLINE!

Of course we had to set it up right away! She's such a good help to Grampa

Her wonderfully tasty Under the Sea themed cake!!

This week, Marc and I are on vacation. We have no big plans this week which is OK with me. We are heading up to Storyland on Friday and spending the night there! We're very excited to bring Paige because this is an amusement park that's geared specially towards her age. It'll be interesting spending the night in the same room as her...we haven't done that since she was 4 months old!

I have some amazing guests posts this week...Shannon, Mel, and Andrea!


  1. That is an ADORABLE cake!!

  2. SO CUTE! I love the cake and I am stalking that trampoline online right now!

  3. I was just telling Eric we should get Sydney a trampoline. :) Glad the party was a success!

  4. Oh that cake looks awesome! Happy 2nd birthday! My son just turned 2 on May 15th! Love/hate the age ;)

  5. That cake looks so great! Happy 2nd birthday to your little one! :)