Monday, April 2, 2012

Blogger{at}BlogHer12: Introduce Yourself!

You've probably seen my tweets and updates talking about the big link-up for BlogHer12 and it is!!

Bi-weekly, I'll be hosting a BlogHer12 link-up (and I'm open to co-hosts) where we'll blog about a different topic each time. I'm hoping that past BlogHer attendees will be willing to share their experiences for any newbies :)

Now, there are no rules to join the link (if you'd like to follow via any of the social mediums I or other bloggers have, it's welcome). Please comment...and enjoy "meeting" other bloggers!

This week's link-up topic?

Introduce yourself & your blog


I'm Shaun. 27 years old, full time worker (outside the home). I attend classes online in an attempt to finish my Bachelor's degree. I think Spring is the worst season of the year. Navy blue is my favorite color. The list of movies I could watch over and over again is ridiculous. I think pop songs from the 90s are the best. Running sucks but is so therapeutic too.

Hubbs is Marc...his birthday is in 3 days! He's testing for a Corrections Officer position currently and there is potential for some huge changes soon in our lives. We began dating on July 25th, 2001 and married 8 years, 2 months and 1 day later on September 26th, 2009. I was 6 weeks pregnant on our wedding day...

Paige is also known as Peanut (or PITA, Minion, Goober, and Mini Marc). She was born a week late on a Saturday afternoon when a wildfire in Canada sent smoke about 200 miles South where it was a HUGE news story (and all you could smell).

 I'm a small blog...I started blogging in late 2009, shortly after my wedding and finding out I was pregnant. Thanks to several moms on The Bump, I wanted to follow their steps. I blogged throughout my pregnancy and shortly after Paige was born but found my blog all over the place. I closed The McBaby Adventures down and started up Living with Peanut about 6 months ago or so.

BlogHer12 is my first blogger conference and I won't lie, I'm kinda nervous. I've never been to NYC so this is pretty crazy to me. I've been going through the schedule over and over trying to decide which sessions to sit in on. I know I definitely want to get some sight-seeing in....hubby won't go to NYC because it's filled with Yankee fans so who knows when I'll be back ;)



Grab the badge and share away! Can't wait to meet you now and in August!


  1. Hi Shaun, I hope to meet you in NYC later this year. I'll be adding my link later.

  2. So excited for you! My first BlogHer was in NYC and it was so exciting, a little overwhelming, and totally worth it! I'll link up later. P.S. I had to giggle at your husband not wanting to go because of Yankees fans. I too hate the Yankees!!

  3. Hi! This will be my first BlogHer and I am nervously excited. I'm a mom to twin boys - ex-27-weekers and I write about the headaches and hilarity of raising tiny twins: Search and Destroy. Can't wait to meet everyone!