Wednesday, March 28, 2012


You may have noticed on Twitter and Facebook that I have been talking about doing a BlogHer12 linkup. If you follow any blogs, I'm sure you've seen a link-up or two before ;)

Starting on Monday, April 2nd, I'm hosting Blogger{at}BlogHer12. We'll discuss a different topic every other week for any and all bloggers attending BlogHer12. It gives a chance to get to know more bloggers and perhaps some of the returning attendees can share their advice with the newbies?

All I ask is that you link up the specific blog post that goes with the topic that week. Follow on Twitter, Facebook/GFC/Bloglovin, etc. if you feel like it, and comment, comment, comment!

The topic for this Monday? Introduce yourself and your blog. If you did an 11 Things post and would like to link that up too, please do!

I look forward to linking up with you!


  1. I am so excited to participate in this link up!

  2. Excited for this! And it helps since I'm doing NaBloPoMo.