Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Transition Time

Friday night, we did the big switch. Paige is sleeping in a toddler bed. And I have been walking around like I have a newborn again.

Friday night was HORRIFIC. She slept so poorly that I wanted to cry - we were up every few hours because she figured she could get out of bed but not out of her room...our apartment is a very open layout so we can't gate off the entrance to the kitchen or living room AND all of her toys are in her room...which may have to change soon.

This whole transition has ups and downs...she slept perfectly on Saturday but we had two bad nights in a row. Paige went to bed willingly tonight so I am hoping we have *some* sleep. I find myself craving sugar or energy drinks to survive work (I haven't though!)

I feel naive because Paige has transitioned well from bassinet to PnP to crib; from house to house. She sleeps well at daycare, at either grandparents. Why is this bed so much different?

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