Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Toddler Tantrums

This is becoming a daily occurrence in the M household.

The Terrible Twos, or something like it, has started at 20 months. Paige is normally an easy-going child, but atleast once a day there is complete meltdown (see above).

The tiniest thing can set her off - falling off her bike, us not giving her a sip of soda, not allowing her to wash her hands or brush her teeth. Depending on the day it can range from just crying and babbling through her tears to tears and banging her head against the floor, wall, the cat, us.

I called the doctor who told us to put her in time out anytime she started banging her head. The banging her head isn't always done in anger, so I'm not sure how to approach it. It seems like she'll do it when she's wanting something specific and we can't figure it out....

Any advice from you other moms out there? Does your kid bang their head? How did you get them to stop?

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