Monday, February 20, 2012

IIIIII'mmmmmm Bbbbaaaacccckkkkk

Hey all! I apologize for the sudden and long silence. The laptop broke and was sent out for repairs (good ole warranty) and blogging from my phone SUCKS so I figured silence was the way to go.

So much has gone on lately so this is essentially a rambling post.

- Shannon from Sweet Stella's has been so kind to forward me pictures of Paige's birthday banner and the centerpieces. She's taking a few days off to help Bear and herself recuperate (feel better soon!!)

- I joined a rec league for basketball and am currently in PT for it now. I have a pretty bad knee anyways, so this is payback for being myself *and stupid*
This is the imprint of a guys shorts that I tried to stop from scoring...he still scored.

- My Medifast order is scheduled to arrive TOMORROW! So excited to be on my way to healthy again!

- Currently kind of boggled at the new Transformers cartoon that's out....

- Paige has started some "new" things and I need some other mom advice. I'll definitely be following up with this tomorrow!

That's all I really have for right now. I just needed to type some thoughts out :) I hope you're all doing wonderful...and while you're at it, head over to Baby Shmizz and enter her Jilly & Joon giveaway!

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