Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So Today....

Today is Workin it Wednesday where I like up with Shannon from The Szem's. However, poor Peanut had other plans.

She's had a cold for a few days now, which quickly turned into Croup. (FYI, just because I was a kid does not mean I remember every known disease...I had to WebMD Croup. Scary stuff, yo). Last night was a long night with a call to the doctor for advice and a kiddo who wouldn't couldn't sleep. Needless to say, we got the pleasure of seeing her doctor today, and will again in a week (because of an error, her 18 month well visit was actually scheduled for after she turned 19 months - yay shots?). And while at the doctor's, we got a diagnosis of an ear infection.

I have to say, I'm pretty surprised with how "well" Paige is handling the sicknesses. Seriously. She's fussy and whiney, but she has her moments of being herself where she goes off to play by herself - only to return to me moments later crying saying "Up". I'm kinda glad she has two things at once, rather then back-to-back. Maybe this makes me sound like a bad mom but crappy feeling Paige for a short period of time versus crappy feeling Paige for twice as long? No thank you.

I'll be back with a REAL Workin It Wednesday post (hopefully where I can keep you aware of how my progress on two weeks of Medifast is going - haven't received it yet but thinking it should be SOON!)

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  1. yay for having a positive plan for putting YOU first!

    Poor Paige!! I hope she feels better soon!