Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Medifast: Days 1-3

Thanks to Stephanie and Kelly, I won 2 weeks worth of Medifast to try.

 Stephanie, Kelly, and Jenni have all had AMAZING success with Medifast and their blots (and pictures) are proof.

 So how am I doing on it? Well, it's been tough. I decided to start on December 26th. I've had the meals for a week or two, but didn't want go dive into changing my habits when a majority of my caloric consumption comes on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Now the usual way to do Medifast is 5 meals per day plus 1 Lean and Green (usually for dinner). Since I won 21 meals per blog (42 total) I decided to do 3 Medifast meals per day, 2 "snacks" and then my Lean and Green for dinner. My breakfast is usually a hard boiled egg or 1 cup of oatmeal, I eat my 3 meals at work (Orange blend, Chocolate chip cookie and vegitarian sloppy Joe), have a yogurt or small handful of unsalted peanuts as my 5th meal/snack.

 Right now, I'm going through the headaches that accompany diet changes (Stephanie says it's like your body is going through detox). I've been consuming TONS of water and have had a small bowl of chicken broth (per advice of Steph, once again). But let's talk about HOW Medifast tastes. I was skeptically with having to add water to a powder to create a cookie or Sloppy Joe. I've had the real deal and it takes a lot more than water to create them.

I do need to work on getting the right mixture of water to mix (I don't have enough measuring cups to spare to leave some at work. Everyone in my office says that my food actually smells good. The taste is a bit different then what you're used to but I eat it with some water which helps me adjust to the taste
I don't think it's supposed to be so dry....
Super yummy! I finished this so fast without realizing it!

And apparently my cookie didn't want to save :( But it looks delicious.
I mean, seriously, I can eat a chocolate chip cookie AND lose weight?!
Heck. Yes.

I've only been on it since Monday but I'm noticing that my pants are just a tad bit loser. I'm only on day #3 and I'm already feeling a difference. And it feels amazing. I STILL need to buy a scale (yeah, it's been on the list for awhile) so I'll be sneaking to my in-laws to weigh myself to see the difference.

I'm so excited to be on this journey right now. And I am grateful for the awesome bloggers that are helping me along this journey.

I'll definitely be sharing more of my story as the next week and a half go on :)

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  1. Just add a little more water to the sloppy joe mix and you're good to go :)

    Your body is getting rid of those toxins (like Christmas candy!), which is why you have the headache. :) Definitely keep drinking your water and try a pickle or the chicken broth to get that headache to go away.

    You can do this! GO ON WIT YO BAD SELF! (sung into a T-Pain mic)