Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Yes, The McGs are sick...well 2/3 of us are. Maybe the 3rd (being Marc) will wear down soon. Paige came down with a cold which turned into Croup and while at the doctor's office, it became known that there was an ear infection bothering little Paige :( We tried Amoxicillin, which didn't take care of it so we've moved to Augmenten (forgive the spelling if this isn't quite right).

Me? Well...let's say Paige passed her cold on to me and now, I could sing and pass for Justin Bieber. My boss laughed every time I talked to him today...it was great.

Tomorrow is my day off and Paige has her 18 month well visit so that means stats and shots. Thankfully 99.9% of the cleaning is done (we went on an awesome cleaning spree this weekend...well, Marc did while I entertained the kiddo). Hopefully, we'll head home after her shots for some relaxation before bringing the kiddo over to Meme and Bumpa's for the night and we go out to get our Christmas tree.

I'll be taking some pictures of some of the Christmas loot we got Paige :) Can't wait for Christmas to get here!!

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  1. Feel better soon!! Enjoy your day off! Hopefully you have good weather for getting your tree. That's my favorite part of this time of the year!!