Tuesday, July 17, 2012

BlogHer12: Mama Mahoney Creations

Another icky wonderfully hot day in New Hampshire, another sponsor to introduce you to!

Meet Janice of Mama Mahoney Creations. She is a mom first, business owner second. She creates beautiful quilted bags from the studio of her Colorado home! Each piece is handmade using the finest quality fabric that is practical for a mom. Each bag can be washed and dryed right at home - perfect if you're a mom like me and your bag becomes the dumping ground for all things toddler while you're out!

Mama Mahoney has seen her bags in the hands of Terri Polo and at the Oscar gift suite, courtesy of GBK! And, if you're going to BlogHer12 in NYC, you'll see it on me too!

My new day tote bag, Kindle case, and matching coin purse...here I come NYC...in style!

 Janice had me fill out a simple form - discussing my favorite colors, patterns, and going over general options for my bag!
 Each bag is lined and tagged :)

My Kindle case. This will be great while enroute to NYC!

This is the coin purse...don't let the picture deceive you, it's pretty decent size! It will be perfect to carry my ID, cards and cash while out!

A huge THANK YOU to Janice for sponsoring me and my trip to NYC! Please make sure to come see me and check out the great products from Mama Mahoney, Camilee Designs, and G2G Jewelry!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Shaun! Have a great time at BlogHer :)