Friday, June 15, 2012

Vacation: Storyland Style

Last week, we took the trip up North to Storyland. If you're in the New England region looking for an amusement park geared towards your younger kid, definitely check it out!

We were lucky enough to find a great motel nearby so we drove up the Kancamangus (if you're not from here, I don't expect you to know what it is ;}) and made a great trip out of it!

Paige hanging out in front of a train

Smiles and waves!

I have no clue why she's so excited!

After bath time, hanging with her pal, Mickey.

That's right, fist-bumping Cinderella cuz Paige is a bad ass.

Easily a highlight of the trip...she got to ride a horsie!

We have a bit more vacation plans to share with you (including my Toddler Box - which saved our sanity on this 3ish hour road trip!)

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