Thursday, June 7, 2012

Guest Post: Mel

Hi, I'm Mel from "Never a Dull Moment"; I love doing guest posts because it allows me to meet new people and find new blogs to stalk follow! When Shaun asked if I'd guest post I was honored! As a BlogHer roomie and fellow mom trying to get healthy I know we have a lot in common (not to mention our daughters are only 2 months apart), if only she wasn't a Boston fan we'd be BFF's (kidding)!  Seriously though, she gave me full reign of the topic choice and I decided to share with you my summer bucket list, because whether you're a parent or not, married or single, no matter who you are it's fun to have a bucket list! 

When thinking about topics for "The 10's of Summer" (and feeding my Pinterest addiction); I noticed many parents posting about Summer Bucket list for the kids to make and complete before summer break is over. I suppose you could put anything and everything if you wanted. It made me start thinking about what I wanted to do/accomplish this summer. I talked to the Hubs and we decided it should be filled with things we don't normally do, and can't really do at another time (or during another season).

So without further ado, here's our "The 10's of Summer" Bucket List (in no particular order). . . 

1. Go to the Drive In
{I have a feeling this is going to be more of a day night outing, vs a family one}

2. Take Lexie to a Cruise In 
(Ideally one with Pop-pop and Nana for Ice Cream & 1 at Dada's work)

3. Toast marshmallow's and make S'mores with Lexie 
{she was too little for them last year} 

4. Take Lexie to see Fireworks
{I know this may not go as planned}

5. Stay up late and catch Fireflys
{this will hopefully be accomplished with a cousins sleep over for 3x the fun}

6. Go to the beach and build a Sandcastle 
{and of course play in the water}

7. The Fair
a) for the rides
{last year this was the only ride she was "allowed" on}
b) the food! I can't wait for Lexie to have Cotton Candy and remember those fry's! OMG!

8. Pack a picnic lunch and take a road trip

9. Take Lexie to a Water park 

10. Start & Finish, the Blogher 5k 
{even if I only walk across the finish line} 

(Disclaimer: I have no rights to any of the photos above with the exception of #7. None of the photos are my own creation, or design, all are listed on Google images without credit being given.)

 To see the original post click here, do you have a list? Feel free to come on over and link up!

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