Friday, May 11, 2012

Y3W| Shipping Off {to} Boston!

Sorry for the lame title (and lame video) but it's a relatively enjoyable song ;)

This weekend, at one point, we're shipping off to Boston...haha. I'm a sucker for any family tradition and I really wanted one that I "created". Before Paige was born, I told Marc how I thought it'd be a cool idea to bring Paige (and any future children) out on a nice day trip on/around their birthday. We started last year by bringing Paige to New England Aquarium and Legal Seafood. That was about all she could handle, but it was enough.

This year? We're hitting the aquarium again. It's kid friendly, the price is right for Paige (free!) And I'm hoping to stop at Boston Commons and bring Paige to see the duckling statues, and also let her run around and get some energy out.

And don't forget to enter my Sweet Stella's giveaway in honor of Paige's birthday!

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