Monday, May 21, 2012

Blogger{at}BlogHer12: Why I'm going.

You've probably seen my tweets and updates talking about the big link-up for BlogHer12 and it is!!

Bi-weekly, I'll be hosting a BlogHer12 link-up (and I'm open to co-hosts) where we'll blog about a different topic each time. I'm hoping that past BlogHer attendees will be willing to share their experiences for any newbies :)

My only "request" is that when you link up, please link up the actually blog post (not the whole blog). Please comment...and enjoy "meeting" other bloggers!

This week's link-up topic?

Why I'm Going


Why am I going to BlogHer12? It's a question I ask myself frequently. I'm not blog famous. I don't even think I'm that interesting. But here I am, counting down my days to BlogHer12.

I started thinking about going to BlogHer12 when I saw the posts from Stephanie, Kelly, and Jenni last year. It looked like a blast but I felt I couldn't justify my presence at a bloggers' conference. Then Shannon North and Shannon South started talking about it and mentioned me rooming with them. And Mel started telling me I should join in too. At that point, it became a "I need to go" situation for me.

I've been looking through the sessions and am very excited to grow as a blogger. I'll get to meet these awesome, inspiring woman who I've become friends with and (hopefully) make some contact with some great companies :) I'm also superduper excited about visiting NYC for the first time EVAH.

Grab the button and join in on the fun!


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  1. I am so jealous! I just can't afford it without a roomate, you will have the best time!! I can't wait to see everyone's pictures though :)

    Ps. I totally think of you as famous.

  2. I actually have a countdown clock on my blog sidebar and am getting even more excited with each decrease, it that's possible. It started out as something to do to hone my blogging skills, but now, honestly, I'm all about seeing in person all these bloggers I've met virtually. Some of them have become more of a fixture in my life that my RL friends :)