Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2 years ago.

Dear Paige,

2 years ago, this was honestly a kinda stressful time. It was my due date and I wanted you here. My whole pregnancy felt like a dream and I was anxious for you to make your entrance (and I was honestly scared about my water breaking in public, I'll admit). I wanted to see the color of your hair, feel your soft baby skin. I wanted to hold the baby of my dreams.

You surprised your dad and I by showing up a week late, but that was only because you got an eviction notice. I'm sure you would have stayed much longer if they had let you.

I'm shocked the past two years have gone so quickly and the next two will fly by. I'm excited to see where this next year brings us, and what new treasures you'll share.

I love you, Paige. More than words can ever express.

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