Friday, April 27, 2012


Tomorrow, Shizz is hosting a Keurig Vue party. She and I live a little over an hour apart so she's invited me and Peanut to attend (and don't tell the kids, but this is pretty much an arranged marriage already...her son's only a couple months younger than Paige)!

I'm really excited to be going. After all, I'll be rooming with Shannon in NYC in August so it'll be great to hang out ahead of time!

However...I'm nervous. Like, really nervous. I've "known" Shannon for over 2 years from our time on The Bump together and connecting via our blogs/Twitter but this is our first face-to-face meeting. And I'm feeling like an insecure high schooler. Will she like me? Will our kids get along? OMG what embarrassing thing will I say?

Shan said she's nervous too which makes me feel better (no offense, Shan)! It's silly, we're "internet friends". We know things about each other so it's not like we're complete strangers. Plus, there's coffee, wine, and food.  Our kids will hopefully be playing together, we'll get the chance to connect and things will be great!


  1. Yes, it will be great! I'm sure I'll say something stupid, or my trucker mouth will get the best of me and then Paige will go home and drop the F-bomb to Marc. Kidding!!!

  2. Enjoy it and have fun! :) {both of you}