Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blogger{at}BlogHer12: Your Blogging Tips!

You've probably seen my tweets and updates talking about the big link-up for BlogHer12 and now...here it is!!

Bi-weekly, I'll be hosting a BlogHer12 link-up (and I'm open to co-hosts) where we'll blog about a different topic each time. I'm hoping that past BlogHer attendees will be willing to share their experiences for any newbies :)

Now, there are no rules to join the link (if you'd like to follow via any of the social mediums I or other bloggers have, it's welcome). Please comment...and enjoy "meeting" other bloggers!

This week's link-up topic?

Share Your Blogging Tips!

If you're like me, you consider yourself a "baby" blog...not because of topic but because of size. I'm OK with being a small blog - I deleted my old one and started fresh because it was what I wanted. But now that I'm back in the swing of blogging, I want it to GROW!

So, what are my blogging tips?


This sounds kinda dumb (and it kinda is) but it's true. You can be yourself without revealing a ton about yourself :) 

Post frequently.

As someone who just took a mini-hiatus from blogging, this is kinda funny. But there is truth. I'd much rather read a blog fairly consistently (new posts) then to check back and see the same post at the top, again and again. Eventually, I'll move on to a new blog.


You want your blog to grow? Spread the word you're out there. I advertise on a few different blogs - I don't spend alot of money but I do budget for it. The bigger the blog you're advertising on, the more money to shell out per month. The great thing about other bloggers is that they're having sales too! I jumped on the chance to advertise on Jenni's blog for 2 months because she had a BOGO sale! I also work with people to get a following. If you've seen my Tweets about Blogger{at}BlogHer12, you may have noticed that they've gotten retweets! Using hashtags and networking with other bloggers can present you with FREE advertising.


If you guys have a topic you'd like to share/discuss in 2 weeks - email me apnuttymama@gmail.com

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