Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Road to BlogHer12| Week 1

After my pity party last week, I had a great chat with one of my BlogHer12 roomies, Mel.

She's trying to lose weight too and my post hit a nerve with her. After chatting, we decided to work towards a goal of each losing 30 pounds by August 2nd. Now, there's about 21 weeks left til we meet with Shannon (South) and Shannon (North) for the first time EVER. So that works to be a bit over 1.5/2 lbs roughly per week. I can do this. I have an amazing goal to work towards. As long as I lose that 30 pounds by August, I will be 2 pounds away from under 200 pounds for the first time in years.

Shannon (North) is also in on our fun...she's offering us each a $30 gift certificate to her shop as extra incentive...I've got my eye on these beauties right here.

Here is my "Before" pic...enjoy?

Also, check out Kelly on Fox25 in Baltimore talking about her weight loss and success on Medifast! Seriously Kelly, I cannot even describe how amazing it was to see this. You have inspired me and I am hoping to meet you at BlogHer12! I'm sorry that YouTube videos won't show up in my blog posts - check out the link to Kelly's interview here:

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