Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just call me crazy

It may be January 17th, but a little Peanut is turning 2 in a very short 4 1/2 months! That means, Mommy is in party-planning mode!

Now, don't think I'm going crazy in terms of ordering a cake, making a guest list, etc. I'm not that crazy ;)

I AM using the awesomeness of Pinterest to put together decor ideas for Paige's "Under the Sea" 2nd birthday.

I've found some cute favor ideas (sand buckets with shovels)

Yummy looking food!
Pepper and dip

Blue jello, Swedish Fish and a fish bowl!

M&M Fish cupcakes

Cookies + frosting + gum(?) = Clam with Pearl!

And, something special for the birthday girl to wear!

Check out my Pinterest board here to check out other decor ideas. I'll definitely be using Sweet Stella's for a handmade banner and other decor needed....Shannon and I may already be plotting ;)

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