Friday, December 2, 2011

Y3W|How Many Days?!

Christmas is slowly creeping up on us...I mean, today's December 2nd. Seriously. December. Where did the time go? I mean, it's almost Christmas. It's almost 2012. They say having kids makes time fly, which I never really believed...but they weren't kidding.

Hubbs chose a few tags off the tree at his work - the kids at Children's Hospital in Boston write down their wishes. He chose a few kids, all around Paige's age. It made him so sad to think of kids so small wanting something while in the hospital. I'm excited to go shopping to help bring these kids a little bit of Christmas joy.

We're slowly working on Paige's Christmas gifts...we've bought two. A kitchen and a shopping cart with boxes of "food". The game plan is an art easel, some small stocking stuffers and a trip to Carter's next weekend. This weekend we have a Christmas party at hubb's work and some time at the in-laws.

Hope you all are enjoying the craziness of December and the holidays!

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