Saturday, October 29, 2011's Fall?

Today is October 29th. My baby's 17 months old (officially). Tomorrow is Trick or Treating in a local town, which we plan on bringing Paige to do.

However, Mother Nature's throwing a little wrench in our plans.

By dumping an expected 6-10 inches over night. For some reason, the list "You Know You're From NH When...." keeps popping into my head. Perhaps it's because there's a reason that says "You design/pick out your kid's costumes to fit over snowsuits"?

Well, I did pick out a costume that could be worn in cold(er) weather *no, I was not anticipating snow for Halloween....* I will have the cutest Elmo known to man with me tomorrow. We've been working on our Trick or Treat (so far I've gotten Tweet)! I wish I had a picture of her in the full get-up, but this will have to tide you over til tomorrow night


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