Friday, September 30, 2011

Y3W| What A Day

No pictures today, but I started with a very "eh" the point my Y3W post was ALMOST going to be "I've Got Nothing". Then I left for work.

Rear-ended on my way there. What a joy. Thankfully, Paige was not with me. Nor is there any visible damage to the car (minus a few scratches). But my back? Well, that's a different story. My work was awesome enough to find coverage for me, so the hubbs and I headed to Urgent Care. Lower back strains with spasms. And of course that is slowly creeping itself up to my mid-back, shoulders. Holding Paige tomorrow will absolutely be horrible. Sitting at work for 8 hours will be horrible.

Here's hoping a heating pad will do some wonders....?
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