Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Is it really fall?

There's been a light frost on our windows a couple of morning, the temperature is staying in the 60s (if we're lucky) and it's time to think about Halloween!

Last year, Paige went as a bumblebee
A mighty cute one, might I add?

This year, it's been a challenge. NH fall can be unpredictable - it could be cold, snowing, or a freakish somewhat warm day. We need something that will interest Paige (I don't want her trying to tear it off in the middle of the street), but she needs to be warm and able to walk.

So far, we've landed on Elmo. Paige's daycare provider has one that we can borrow. And Elmo, well - he's Paige's monster. She has the big Elmo, almost as tall as she is. She has a smaller Elmo she sleeps with, and those PJ pants she's wearing - they're Elmo.

I'm excited to bring Paige trick-or-treating this year. Although she won't be allowed any candy (that's for us ;)). I'm planning on working on her saying "Trick or treat". If she's going to get candy, she's gotta earn it!

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PS - I've got some great things in works for this blog - including a Christmas-oriented giveaway!!

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  1. Can't wait for her Halloween pictures! I need to get going on our costumes!