Friday, August 26, 2011

Y3W| Did you hear?

This lovely hurricane is predicted to hit us. I live in New Hampshire. First the earthquake, now a hurricane/tropical storm...there was a tornado in northern NH too. So, what's next? {I'll go with a blizzard next month}

I am scheduled to work on Sunday but am already preparing for a ridiculously dead day (no offense to my boss, if he's reading this). The husband and I are considering an adventure out to the beach tomorrow to check out the waves, just because how often do we get to see impressive waves like ones from a hurricane?

I was in a wedding last Friday and the bride & groom had a cruise throughout the Bahamas planned. Thankfully they're on land and doing well. And another friend has had to cancel her much planned, much anticipated vacation to OBX. {Sorry, Jenni!}

Stay safe, no matter where you are this weekend!!

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1 comment:

  1. how did you do? Safe and sound I hope????
    I'm in CNY and thankfully we didn't get hit too bad!