Monday, August 13, 2012

Post-BlogHer12: Sweet Stella's

BlogHer12 was a whirlwind. From the moment I stepped on the train to NYC (at 9:30 Thursday night) to the moment I got home from picking up my kiddo. It felt like it didn't slow done but I remember every second.

And there are definitely some people to thank for making this happen.

Shannon from Sweet Stella's. Lady, I do not know how to thank you. You persuaded me to go to NYC (specifically BlogHer). You offered to let me room with you. You provided me with a beautiful journal (which is filled with notes from BlogHer and slowly becoming a Prayer Journal (more on that later)). You provided amazing support while I was losing my mind and emailing other business owners to support me. You were my cheerleader.

Thank you.

Want to see how amazing Shannon was in creating stuff for me?

You might remember these beauties? A hair clip and journal.

WAIT! You gotta meet the amazing Shan! We're in the elevator heading to breakfast :)

Not the best picture, but you can see the side of the hair clip that I wore to Sparklecorn...and yes, I'm hugging Edward Cullen.

Listening to Mandy from Harper's Happenings talk about professional blogging (and covering so many pages with notes)!

Shannon, once again...THANK YOU! 





  1. That Shannon chic is pretty cool. ;)

  2. What a cool experience, sounds like it was a blast!

  3. Just wanted to say THANK YOU to you, the Shan's, and Mel for my swag bag! Got it today and I'm so grateful for great gals like you who would think of me! I hope to meet you one day!