Saturday, August 25, 2012

A girl and her doll

Meet Emma.

The creepiest doll you'll ever meet.
PS. I hate all dolls with fluttering lids.

Emma & Paige are BFFs. Emma goes EVERYWHERE we go.

On walks.

To smell flowers.

She even gets her diaper changed at Meme and Bumpa's. As creepy as Emma is, I'm glad that Paige has a toy that she adores and doesn't get tired of.


  1. OMIGOSH, I am so with you! I wrote about scary dolls not long ago. We have three baby dolls in the house, and that's one two many for me.

  2. too many, not two many (thank you spell check)

  3. I hate dolls with fluttering lids too...they creep me out. My oldest daughter played with one for years that she lovingly named Burp. :)